Wednesday, January 28, 2009

been busys!

Its been really busy in my little corner, with moving my mum which took DAYS! and then all the cleaning, I havent had time to do anything! and we move in three days, so I've been GO GO GO for a week, my battery charger for my camera is packed in some random box in the garage so I've got next to nothing to show! Naked entry isnt a good one hehe!

I mentioned a few posts ago, about the love Ewe G
ive me the Knits fiber club was on its way to me! two days later and it came! oh its sooo yummy, Ive been dying to get it onto my wheel, but I'm holding out for when Im in my little craft room.
150 grams of Merino superwash - C0lourway Indian Summer

I have been going into this little old furniture shop heaps lately, so that we can try and snag a decent little couch, lol so far not so good lol, the one we wanted and saved for, sold by the time we got all the money! On one of my trips, they had a 50cent table, so I picked up this little embroiderd purse for all my needles hooks and stitchmarkers, it holds everything I need it to hold, and its pretty darn cute! and for 50cents! comon cant go past it! Meanwhile hubby and I have just won a couch on ebay for 99cents, so we are going to recover it with some funky fabric, make it really unique and a big feature in the lounge room. Its from the 1930's

Australia day saw us at a cricket pitch, the last place I expected to be, but Paul was invited to play cricket, and so he trundled off, I took the kids later on in the day when it wasnt so blistering hot! My little man has discovered how much he likes to wear his hat now lol, many a morning I will have to put on his shoes and his hat, while hes sitting in his pjs eating his breakfast, oh he also has giant purple beads around his neck, its priceless.
In my next post, I'll show off my new haircut lol, since my battery has well and truly had it, I cant show it off! 
My little Yarn club took off like wildfire! I sat there thinking I wouldnt make it to 10 people, let alone 19! I am so honoured by all the lovely knitters who scampered to get a spot in my little club! I am in the process of getting my little store going, with all the club spots and also creating a yarn club blog for everyone to look at, and even post in.

Thats all for me for now, I guess Id better go pack the last of it then!
enjoy the heat, its a bit feral here, but I shall live! bring on winter, when I can sit back and enjoy knitting, hot tea, and handmade blankets

love and yarn
Courtney xxox

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