Saturday, October 13, 2018

Jane Davenport Blog Hop!! 3 Creative Journal Inspirations!

Hello Inkies!
It has been quite the quiet corner over on here on my blog, but I thought I'd jump right back into the hot seat and throw some creative spark starters at you using the new Jane Davenport Artomology Range.

Today I want to show you three simple quick creative ways in which I've tweaked Jane's wonderful stamps for my journal pages. I love to look at stamps in a different light, how can I make it look quirky and a little weird because that's what I like to create and draw.

This is probably the most 'normal' way I've used the ADORABLE Narwhal.
I grabbed a blank project life card and the shade Scallop Shell! (by far my favourite shade) I stamped this at the top of the project life card and just cut around the top part of our Narwhal's body so that my tip in has a nice shape, which is a cute feature when all the items around it are straight lines. I've used the Smooth Markers to create a bright pink boarder and some sketchy lines for Journalling at a later date.

Very simple and instant gratification which I am ALL about when it comes to journal keeping, we only have so many hours in a day, we want quick yet beautiful way to add things to our memory keeping books.

Speaking of quick ways to add things to our journals, sometimes we only have time for the highlights! We want to get down the daily highlights just so we have a record somewhere, short on time and want to make note of one thing that happened that day. I saw this stamp in Jane's range and again looked at it..with my sort of eyes heehe.

 Grabbing my Smooth Markers again, I coloured in her hair bright and crazy knowing full well I will be giving her a haircut and separating her locks from her face changing the entire look.

I wanted to create a cute and colourful way to capture daily highlights. The little things that stick out from the day, when you don't have a large chunk of time this is a great way just to get the important forget me not highlights! I LOVE how this came out and have already made several more to shoot across my pages in the coming months.

Last fun way to use Jane's stamps is a cute little bug girl! I love creating creatures and whimsical takes on things. When I saw these little droopy flowers I instantly saw bug antennas! I then wondered how I could create the wings for our bug, and a flower cut in half would do just the trick! I grabbed a simple girls head with the same floral motif to make it look like a bug head wear.

I took inspiration from an oddball version I created in a pocket art journal that I work in from time to time. So I decided to create a bit of a bug sisterhood on my page. I think the Jane's version is the fancy well traveled bug sister. I used a fine tip black pen to create the line work on her bug body and the page boarder.

Stamp Sets:
Unicorn Sparkle
Relaxed Narwhal
Hair Lines
Poppy Girl
Flower Girls
Marker Sets:
Smooth Markers Feathered Friends
Smooth Markers Mermesmerising
Ink Pads
Squid Ink Cave Black
Other Supplies
Black Fineliner
Blank Project Life Cards
Red Copic Marker.
Glue Stick

I hope you've enjoyed my 3 ways to play with your Artomogy stamps! There are so many more ways to play with these! I shall make sure I create some more for you very soon!
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xx Courtney


  1. I especially like bug girl. The colors you chose are so rich and pretty!

  2. the bug girl is so unique. beautiful. very colorful.


  4. love the way your creative mind works

  5. I love the bug girl as well. Too cute and very creative!

  6. Wow love your projects,
    esp the ladybug girl...xx

  7. Very nice journal. I like seeing other people's tastes in creativity.

  8. I am intrigued and inspired to see your twist with Jane's new products! It is definitely what makes you you!

  9. Very cool use for the Narwhal! I love how you separated the "hair" and made an awesome use for it. Thanks for the inspiration in finding new ways to use things besides their intended use, I love it. (

  10. how very creative you are, thanks for sharing the many ways to use the products

  11. I love how you repurposed and made these products your own. I adore it!
    Nicole (

  12. Wow lovin your art journal, totally love how you used the stamps 💗

  13. So I have been seeing your gorgeous work and now am your follower here on your blog!! Loved your adorable pink narwhal and your creative "lady" bug!!! LOL!! So fun, vivid and whimsical!! LOVE it!

  14. Hi, I LOVE LOVE the way you used her products, you were amazing, I think your style is awesome girl!!! I really love the color in the first one, I am such a pink girly. This was such a cool post, I really enjoyed it, I also LOVED your girl at the top of your blog when you sign in, that is so wicked cool girl, if I ever get a blog I would love something like that on my blog, it kind of looked like me, lol, Thanks for awesome post.

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