Sunday, March 15, 2009

my stocking...a sneak peak

As many of  you know, I announced my first store stocking for tomorrow night 9pm Sydney time. here is a sneak peak of what is now up let me introduce to you my lovelies.

Too Much Green - 100grams 4ply cashmere merino 

The Elementalist - 100grams 4ply Cashmere Merino
Indian Veil - 100grams of 4 ply Cashmere Merino
Twilight in her Veins - 100grams 4ply Cashmere Merino
Gypsy Coins - 100grams 4 ply Cashmere Merino
80's Affair 100grams 4ply Cashmere Merino
Pocket of Hearts- 90grams 8ply Merino

Grass Clippings-90grams 8ply Merino

Pack of Wolves 90grams 8ply Merino

All can be Avaiable Tomorrow, but be quick as several ladies are ready to pounce tomorrow night at 9pm!


  1. ooooo yum! i'm drooling already :)

    linda x

  2. They are so beautiful. Another shop to add to my favourites and goodies to add to my wishlist. Congrats.


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