Friday, March 2, 2012

Thank Goodness its Friday

It's finally Friday, it has been a long time since I wished for a Friday, with the school runs now, catching the back back and forward it tires a girl I long for the Friday afternoon where I can just slouch! today, while it rained I just taped things into my journal, and did some work on the naughty corner face. Slowly with each layer I put down, I'm rather liking her. I pick her up every few hours add another colour, shading, high lights.

I think I need to unround her eyes... give them a more natural look instead of making them so rounded. To combat my hair hate, mum said to put a bandanaesk thing on her, to make her features pop... and it worked.

I also started drawing a little whimsy girl over the crazy pink I put down a few days ago, she turned out rather nice, just simple little creative steps to try and keep myself motivated to blog everyday again and be happy with my art.
so what are you working on in your art journals?

todays simple DIY journal find is hereComposition Art Journal By

xx Courtney


  1. She does look good now hun. The eyes are very expressive, love her!! Love you too baby girl!!!

  2. she looks wonderful with her red bandana, a little wild and mysterious :-) I like the whimpsy girl too and the taped numbers in the middle...have a wonderful creativ weekend ♥


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