Thursday, January 10, 2013

Being a Better Friend

One of my new years resolutions was to be a better friend, and I think that is a really big one for me, in this day and age, we lose touch with friends...we get lazy. So I'm making the effort to write more letters to friends. To remind them, that even though our lives are very busy, I still think of them often.

So I set out on a floor art exercise today, as the last few days in our little nook, John has been very sick, and yesterday I came down sick too, so it has been tiresome few days for the both of us.
So today I decided that I would take things easy, put on a movie for us to watch and set up my little floor table that my dad made me when I was a teenager...even though I had a very expensive fancy desk...I continued to do my homework on the he made me this cute little table that is still just the right height.
this is how it journals, an ikea tin full of my distress strains, and washii tapes.
a tin from my best friends wedding filled with prisma pencils. My little deer pencil case filled with markers and pens, my planner and a stack of white cardstock ( which isn't so white anymore!)

I started making my own writing paper, which will serve as masters, so I can just scan and copy several of them, I made quite a few, this girl is my favourite by far.

I know we all get busy sometimes...but I think we should all make time to write a few letters, taking that little bit of real time out of our day, to do something tangible for someone...not electronic but tangible. It shows them that you love them.
these are just two of the crazy things I did while watching the movie, but I think they are sweet..and will be turned into some pretty funky writing paper when I'm done.

hopefully tomorrow I'll show my friday pages post to you, pages from my journal that Ive worked on through the week.

take some time out of your write a letter...and be a better friend.
xx Courtney


  1. Good idea Courtney! My best friend just moved from here (New Zealand) to Germany for 6 months and we plan on sending each other letters and drawings via snail mail as well as keeping in touch electronically.

  2. Great idea Courtney. I will look forward to seeing my letter in the post.
    Hope you and John are feeling better soon.

  3. Ahhh...what a beautiful reminder...thank you! ~H♥~

  4. You must have read my mind! I just went searching for a lovely card for you yesterday. Will be in the mail very soon. x

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