Friday, January 2, 2015

Daily Drawing - Hobonichi a5

This year I've decided to embark on a daily drawing adventure, I did start something like this last year and fizzled out, but because my word of the year (post to come) is Accountability I am throwing myself into tasks that have deadlines, and daily is a deadline when it comes to drawing!  I did start daily drawing in My Midori as you saw in my planner and journal round up post,  but again, with no dates to keep me accountable I seemed to let that fall by the wayside as well.
(yes I know the photo is upside down...dork mode initiated)
At the end of last year. I purchased a Hobonichi in both a6 and a5 size, now I wont go into too much detail as I will have a 2015 Planner and Journal post coming in the next week - we shall leave it at I bought them, I have them, I'm using them (more on that later). I decided that I wanted to use the a5 Cousin Hobo to document my day in drawings not only because I love to draw, but because I think doing the art of drawing daily will vastly improve my skills! I've always said just keep drawing, every single day and your hands will get the message.

Behold my messy desk last night, as it was so hot all day and my studio is literally just a re-purposed garage with no air con! so I filmed late last night.

I will be attempting to film and upload daily as I didn't expect the video to be 10 mins long even though I sped it up, so doing a weekly video is too long! so I shall do my best to get the videos done, and I will do a weekily video post maybe on here as I have other things I want to post!

I hope you enjoyed the little drawing video and the photos!

xx Courtney

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