Thursday, February 5, 2009

the little quirks

I've finally moved house, and Im just starting to really enjoy the days again, with so much space, and my own little room, backyard for elijah its truly bliss. Paul and I have been going for walks, taking photos together and just enjoying the small daily beauties. 
a few little quirks of my place
we have a veggie patch! and its in full swing with several little things growing happily, paul and I are going to add some carrots, potatoes, lettuces and a few herbs!
In the back of our yard, the beginnings of the Pumpkins! so small and so cute..pumpkin soup for my hubby when they get bigger.
In the patch near the verandah we have a heap of spinich growing, big and leafy more than we could ever consume, so I shall be doing up bunches for friends as gifts, our first oppurtunity to share our little bounty.
the first harvest of tomates! they are sooo rich in colour, and its so fun going out there each day to see which ones have turned red, which ones are ready for picking! its become a little ritual of mine! they whole several bushes of them are loaded with tomatoes, so deffinately passing them out to the fam.
although its great for us to have tomatoes and all the rest, my little boy thinks the green ones are the best, the amount of green matoes floating around the backyard at the moment! here is todays hidden greenie!  yes that is sand, from the sandpit, its everywhere aswell lol

'look mum I picked ANOTHER ONE!' lol this is how it is, elijah no no no not the green ones! ELIJAH! lol, and so everyday, I give a little thought to the fallen soldiers that are, the never going to be red tomatoes lol rip greenies.

I am very lucky to have a beautiful array of flowers in this house, roses everywhere, I have a fresh vase of flowers in almost every room at this present moment, roses in teapots in the craft room, its so refreshing to be able to do that! here is this mornings beauty, 7am in my pjs taking photos in the backyard.

after a big cooked breakfast, hubby and I decided to brave the heat, and go for a walk, (Im now sunburnt as hell but I enjoyed the time out with him) we took turns using the camera, as he is a secret photography lover, I think its something Im going to nurture in him, hes really talented, I like that we have the same is my fave shot of mine from our walk.
and here is my fave shot of my husbands.
Chalk and cheese in our styles, but thats what makes it beautiful. We have decided to go on photo walks, 30 minutes and we get 5 shots each, its a way to get us out and exercising and to become more passionate about the little things in life. Tomorrow we are going to a little tea house so the photos from there should be lovely, Im in search for a yellow rose teacup for my craft room! so you will find out tomorrow if one comes into my hands.

Thats all from me, time for some wine and a movie with the man.
enjoy your evenings my dears
tea and yarn
Courtney xx

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  1. Green tomato chutney! although i don't have a recipe, my dad gets me some from the farmers market, very tasty and no need to waste your green tomatoes :)

    I love your idea of photo walks, maybe when the weather gets a little nicer here i can persuade my man that it would be a lovely thing to do... :)



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