Saturday, February 7, 2009

a little saturday afternoon

nothing fancy to blog about, just alot of heat, alot of cleaning and organising, and a few pictures.
My craft room is finished, I still have an entire bookshelf to fill, as I have so much space and not enough things collected yet! so thats this years task, to fill a bookshelf with little items!
Feel free to contribute to the emptyness lol.
Here is my favourite part of my entire room, the windo the wheel and the bookshelf filled with journals and writing books, knitting books and memories.
this is a spot on my desk, a teacup soph and I bought one each a long time ago! and its still one of my very faves, my new an improved coffee jar needle holder lol, and my 50cent knitting case.
This is for Soph, she knows what it means, and what it starts up again, I feel the war should commence, its been way too long in dormant funny Miss Bumble....why dont you just...
Tea and Yarn


  1. OMG! Olive in the hat! It actually looks really cute! That's it, the war is on! lol I don't think I can top that, but I'll have to think of something...hmmmmmm

  2. Great space, a shelf to fill, I'm so jealous!

  3. not just a entire bookcase of shelves!

  4. O, how lovely...what a great room


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