Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Cakes and girly teasers

Winter is upon us even though its still Autumn! Im wrapped up in my pjs and slippers hoping that the fire will be lit soon. I haven been meaning to write a post for a few days, but with the crazyness that is my life at the moment Ive kind of slipped of the radar. But Im here and fighting I was raised as a wild woman, Ill stay that way!
So to put a smile on my face and my sons, today was dubbed 'Happy Cake Day' we made cupcakes together and he calls them happy cakes. Tomorrow Ill photograph the finished cupcake since it got really dark and all the photos looked awful! thats if they make it to tomorrow hehe
he helped put the ingrediants in the bowl and mix it all up, I sat on the floor and he sat at his little blue table and chairs, I wanted it to be all on his level. A huge mess was made but who cares when happy cakes involved! 
While he slept I put them into pattycake cups and popped them in the oven.
they are currently iced with green icing and rainbow sprinkles, elijah ate the icing and ran around squeeling happy cakes whoorayyyyyyyyyyyyy, put a little smile on my face thats for sure. Another beautiful thing that put a smile on my face is my delightful yarny penpal's thoughtfulness and talent. She turned my little logo into a stamp so that I can make my yarn tags and gift tags..I alway wanted handmade tags now I can make that happen. 

For my yarn club girls, a sneak peak...this is one of the colourways. 

enjoy your evening with some crafty in your hands
tea and yarn
Courtney xx


  1. oooh, cupcakes :) i'm planning on making some tomorrow for my mans birthday, with white chocolate icing and topped with cherries... i don't know if i'll manage a pic either ;)

    love your new logo stamp, you have a very talented friend!

  2. oh man, can you ship some of the happy cakes over here please? (I don't think they'd last through the mail though, sad!)... I'm soooo glad you love your stamp! xoxoxo

  3. There is nothing more fun than letting the little ones loose in the kitchen I think. He looks so excited too!

  4. Oh yay! Cupcakes are the best! What a great little helper you have! :)
    I love making stamps too - yours looks awesome! What a nice friend that she made it just for you! Super! :)


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