Wednesday, May 6, 2009

little forget me nots.

I creep through my days lately, feeling lazy and glutonous with my time, wanting more for myself, instead of wishing I was 9 people. I was reminded tonight not to lose passion for the things that I love, to take time for myself. To embrace that corner of the day just for little old me. I think we spend a lot of our time filling it with things to do when the simple things get a little lost amongst the clutter. I want to take time for a few simple things so late at night.

To wake up in the morning knowing its not your turn to get up to the kids and to just read whatever is on the bed side table or above you.

To spend the afternoon with my mum, my sister and a close family friend, just drinking tea and being able to knit for more than a row or two. I daydreamed most of this afternoon away, but it was still beautiful to be still in my own daydream. 
To spend the last part of the evening with a glass of wine, chocolate and my husband, who has taken so much of my crazy craft woman vibe the past few months, I dont know how he puts up with me! but I adore him all the more for sticking by me through it all. I get lost in my fireplace, they are hypnotic and oh so beautiful to watch.
Small and significant post, take a little moment....and document it.

Tea and Yarn
Courtney xx


  1. Simple pleasures are wonderful. Now I want some wine and chocolate.

  2. So important as mothers to have these times to ourselves. Good on you for taking some space out!


  3. definitely echos my thought process, time for yourself is good for everyone I say!


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