Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Creative Space late again lol

Another creeper thursday, Im late again, but its ok the fact of the matter is, I made it! Some of you who have seen mums post know we have been unwell! and a few personal crisis later and Im back in the world...I've been MIA for a week! Soph thought I was dead hehe but alas here I am, with a bucket load of pretties.

On my desk atm is Yarn, seems to be a theme..maybe I have an addiction! I've been playing in the dyepots and dyeing up yarn club and dreaming up a few new things that will be released very soon. A little late for my 1 year of blogging! which was yesterday (giveaway on the way aswell keep your eyes peeled) 
Here are a few little odds and ends that have emerged from the cauldron.

'Toxic Watermelon' - She has a home all the way in the USA!
and 'Lock and Key Princess' - She also has a home, same lady all love! Another two to be sent off never to see me again! gosh this yarn is like my children! Well children that get put in the mircrowave and hung out to dry but children no less! 
also on my desk are some yarnies goodnesses! I won a blog giveaway from the delightful Peta's Blog 
this beautiful scarf which I adore!! and this project bag hit my doorstep! I love good project bag. its now pride of place in my handbag with blanket yarn in it for knitting on the go! speaking of the adorable blanket! The donations have touched my heart.
this was just one days worth of yarn from all different women! I love scraps! and when Im dont, I shall pass them on to other blanket knitters in need!

For more creative spaces Check out Kootoyoo's Blog jump in and have a look around!
Tea and yarn
Courtney xx


  1. Hello my love, I am first to comment on your creative space. You have an addiction why didn't you talk to me chick we might have to arrange an intervention hehehehe Beautiful dyed wool as usual love and going over to the USA. . . WOW! Your creativity never ceases to amaze me, my beautiful talented daughter.
    I love you.
    Love Mum
    P.S. Things will improve my sweet.

  2. Nice wool there..very clever multicolored lot...just read your mum's nice that you have each other and can share on ur blog...

  3. Hey Courtney! I wondered why I didn't know about you being ill etc. and then I realised I didn't follow your blog yet! However, I have had a hard time keeping up with anything lately, I'm sure going to try to hop in once in a while! :)
    I hope you and your mum are better now & I'm so jealous of all the yarn!
    I just started crocheting and I'm already obsessed with yarn! :)

  4. Wow those yarns are gorgeous, especially love the second one :)

  5. "Toxic Watermelon" is an excellent name for yarn.

  6. some beautiful yarn there!! I hope you are feeling completely well again! :)

  7. Wow, I love the 'Lock and Key Princess'. Purple and teal are my favourite colours!

  8. Hello again chicky,
    I have left a little something for you over at my blog here (as if you didn't know my blog address hehe)
    You deserve it

  9. The yarns look lovely. I am sure they will be put to good use.

  10. Those are beautiful yarns! I wish I could do more than one kind of knitting stitch...or maybe it's best I don't' get started on another fun hobby. Oh I love your Alice in Wonderland clock!


Thanks so much for the lovely comments! it makes my day to know that Im not babbling to myself!
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