Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Creative Space FINALLY hehe

Another late one for me! but I've had my head in the toilet bowl the last few days, so please forgive the lateness! I need some fresh air today so my Mum took me out for a drive, it is there that my creative space took place, as almost everyone that reads my little blog knows I am currently in Blanket addiction mode. Yes this blanket is my everything at the moment! so if you are sick of my little squares of random just look away hehe. We took a trip to Uralla to see the sites, the vintage antique store the bakery and the yarn store, but my favourite part..was having lunch in this beautiful park. The leaves are just turning and it is utterly stunning.
I sat down happily for a single moment for myself, and just embraced the fresh air the stunning surrounds and knitted the square that made me smile, this pink crazy beautiful wool was the first yarn I dyed for my little girl, It was made into a little caridican that she still wears, it was the first mummy item of clothing for my unborn goddess who is now a whopping 8 months!
knitting in the park was exactly what my sick little body needed.
For more adorable creative spaces pop on over to KootoYoo's Blog and have a peek! Or join up and have some fun on a thursday! Your thursdays will never be so boring ever again.

Tea and Yarn 
Courtney xx


  1. wow that park bench looks amazing! your little olive Zuma looks unreal with those gorgeous squares

  2. Hey, I know that bench!! - the park is beautiful at this time of year with the leaves turning isn't it?
    Your blanket squares look gorgeous!

  3. Very inspiring, my dear. What a pretty park!

  4. Oh, and I'm TOTALLY jealous of your bag.

  5. Your new knitting bag looks fab, and i love the new square with it's lovely history... i think yours is going to be the best blanket ever!!!
    I can totally imagine you and Sophie surrounded by cats all tangled up in beautiful yarn, i may have to take up the offer and join you... i've always planned to be a mad old cat lady, a bit like the one from the Simpsons but with better hair!!!

    Get well soon my dear :)


  6. OMG i love your bag too - i want one!!! i'm so glad that some frsh air has made you feel better and the blanket really is going to be fab! :)

  7. I hope you are feeling well and strong very soon, loving the blanket squares

  8. I was creating in the park yesterday too but it's no way near as lovely as yours.

  9. hi Courtney thanks for your sweet comments I missed My Creative Space this week as the house is a bomb site (maybe I should just post that anyway!!) I just didn't have a photo in the end! :(

  10. Your post is so lovely and I am so in love with that green bag! Green is the best hun... we both know it! Your little blanket is coming along and I am sure it won't take you to 80 at the rate you are going on it! lol...

    I have such an affinity for parks, I adore them and I too got to hang out and play in a lovely park the other day... I am so glad you did also. *hugs* Take care hun!

  11. hello courtney...

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    x nadine
    little lovelies

  12. oh i love blanket talk and love to see it...:-)
    it looks so beautiful and peaceful there...Just sitting there and knitting/crocheting away wow, what bliss...
    take care,


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