Thursday, April 2, 2009

My little Creative Space

When you measure your weeks by the thrusday coming and going, they seem to go by and the Thursday creeps up on you like a magical morning mist! So its time for me to share my little workings in my cauldron nook...This has been a knit in progress for a while now! and I need to get it finished, its a little go go skirt for lily with adorable pleats and in some of my fav colours. The green and purple yarn in the middle wasnt dyed by me, but was a gift. I just need to lengthen the skirt in the solid purple, but it seems to just make me deep sigh lol! Alas I shall finish it for my little one!

A few custom orders waiting to be packed up and posted out tomorrow morning, the greeny brown blend, is called 'The Mandy' it was a custom for a close girlfriend of mine, but a few of my customers have seen it and jumped up and down for their own! so here is one all dyed up and ready to be sent.
On the not so yarny side of things, I've made a little notebook or sorts..didnt know if I would keep it for myself, but decided that I wanted it. I've got a few more finishing touches to go on it, but I really do like it! (except for the spiral bound bit lol Im a left hander and it drives me nuts!)
inside pockets every so often for notes and odds and ends.
these are my fave pockets in te notebook, the old fashion movie stub ticket! I want to make an entire book out of them lol!! 

For a peek at more creative spaces check out the lovely Kootoyoo's Blog! or sign up and play!!

tea and yarn
Courtney xx


  1. A fellow lefty myself I agree with the spiral bounds books, I often find myself flipping them over and using them back to front... lol.

    A lovely post Court... it's all so pretty. Happy birthday for tomorrow hun! *hugs*

  2. Oooo the notebook and skirt are ADORABLE! And the yarn... swoon! I covet!

  3. Hey honey! Wooo biffy in one sleep! I hope and pray that the mail reaches you tomorrow, it will definitely be there Monday! Can't wait until you get it! Hope you have a fabulous biffy!!
    Much loves xxxx

  4. Love seeing photos of your lovely yarn - yummy! Fab skirt and even fabber (is that a word?? - it is now!) journal. Happy Birthday : )

  5. That purple yarn is delicious looking!

  6. I love those little pockets in the notebook.


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