Monday, September 16, 2013

What Helps Me Shrink..Pink Finsbury Personal Size

If you read my little nook, you know that I'm on this epic journey to lose literally half myself in weight. Now it has been a year since I started this journey, but the last few weeks, I decided I needed a tool to help me stay on track, keep focused and remind myself of my achievements, because when your goal is so forget to celebrate the little milestones...and they are the MOST important.

So I ordered a pink personal Finsbury because deed down we both know I'm a girly girl lol, and I wanted something very different from  my brown leather beauties. Because I'm not as precious with this one as my gillio, she has a charm and a very laid back feel to her.

She is holding some of the overflow from my malden, since my gillio is a wallet, some of my 'decorating' loves got the chop!
some washi tape, some flags some see through tabs and some post its. Nothing too fancy but we have pockets may aswell use them! Not that I decorate my health one she has a purpose but hey I'm an artist, I need colour with me. Even if its just to look at.

under my fly leaf is just a reminder to myself, being a total emotional eater I need to stay on point...I also have a lucky bear pen loop attached to my fly leaf in hot pink, which holds a coleto 4 barrel pen.
the finsbury came with 2014 inserts...and because I wanted to use it straight away, I had a set of 2013/2014 dodo inserts which I was keen on for my personal...but decided to throw them in here for my food tracking each day. A blank pages for notes, and general things I need to remind myself.
I move these with my weeks as reminders...they are progress photos and also under the quote, is one of my starting photos at my biggest, my costco ID keep myself in check...these really do help...they make me remind myself that I dont want to go back to where I was killing me.
I print out my weekly workouts from my trainer and best friend, and a blank page for tracking times if I am asked to track how long I do something for each round, these pages go between my week as I use them daily, the finsbury is usually stuffed into to treadmill so she stays open, she is a workhorse so like I said I'm not precious with her.
this is how I use the dodo pad in her, I put all the foods down for that day, usually my weight but since I am currently not weighing myself, that is absent from my current week, I put my food into a phone app to make sure I am on track cal wise and below my carb and sugar levels, I also put how many cals I've burnt in my workouts. This is more for my sense of achievement than anything else, I like to see my progress, I like to know that I am staying on track.
 Using my new StudioL2E plan it stamps, I also track my weeks worth of water intake, not being a natural water drinking lover this is sooo helpful! I hope that once I see it visually I will make MORE of an effort to get to that 8 glasses.
So there you have it, I dont have any other sections in this filofax, I am thinking of a meal planner I can track our fave paleo meals and things like that...but for now, I am totally focused on just keeping it my health and fitness planner, and she works well.

Maybe I'll do another post talking about the big girl at the bottom of the pile....

hope you found this helpful!
see you soon
xx Courtney


  1. I'm about to begin a similar journey (I hope!) and I am thinking about keeping a record like this. Thanks for the tips.
    I'm a big fan of your art journaling videos on youtube. I just started art journaling in May, and I first saw you on Jennibellie's TAT. I loved your personality and your work instantly!Thank you for all you share :)
    And I hope you don't mind, but I want to tell you how much I admire you for what you have been accomplishing on this particular journey. I know how difficult it is. You're very inspiring :) Thank you!

  2. That's absolutely lovely. I love the motivational texts and scraps you put in. Good luck!

  3. Thank you for the tips, being new to the Filofax and trying to get back on track to lose my last 1 stone to be a healthy weight I find your blog and your story very inspiring and helpful x

  4. Great post! I started a similar journey at the begging of the year, then became ill and could continue in the way I wanted. However I love this idea, really inspiring.

  5. This is such an inspiring post. I would love to make one dedicated to fitness, health and food. All in one beautiful and inspiring place!


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