Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Creative Space

An afternoon away from yarn, who would think my creative space wouldnt be about dyeing today! although my life does revolve around the dyepot and my little business I thought it was time to take a moment to enjoy the things I dont get to do often! like embroider, and play with my small and quint fabric stash. Im making a few little gifts for friends and penpals, and for once its not a skein of hand dyed yarn.
My sewing box is as messy as they come, with things thrown everywhere and tapemeasure with a life of its own, I can never find it when I need it! Im making a few little pin cushions and a few little embroiderd buttons with the word knit on it to work as brooches. 
One of the fabrics I love is this one, it will become something for a friend, Id like a little project bag out of it, but my sewing machine and I dont love eachother to any degree! this is where I wished I was a seamstress and not a knitter. The skein of yarn is a custom for a sweet girl called Lisa. 
 I hope she likes it. It makes me smile, its a soft stage dance  that turns into a vibrant salsa. I ended up talking  yarn anyway! hehe cant keep a good dyer down.

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Tea and Yarn



    sorry i shouldn't yell on your blog :)

  2. Love the yarn, and the fabric is very sweet!

  3. Oh hand dyed yarn is so gorgeous and soft looking. I think I would be tempted to just fondle it all the time. I raise a cup to you!

  4. I like to embroider too & I'm busting to finish those grannies so I can get back to it.

  5. I think all tape measures have a life of their own, maybe they come to life at night as little snakes!

  6. I love the skein of yarn. just delicious! (PS Tape measures - my favourite one always hides from me and the one I don't like very much is always hanging around. Cheeky!)


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