Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day 14 + 15 Photo a Day In August.

Carrying my camera in my hand, and the almost spring sunlight on my face, I did a little soul searching through my lens. Where will the winds take me I say slowly...I look up and see this on an old porch. You don't see these lovely weather veins anymore so I had to snap it before it disappeared.

A little tint of something a little fun and a feel for the old me.

enjoy the last moments of the weekend
take your camera out and have a photo affair with'll fall in love all over again.

For more photos for August, pop on over Megan's Blog to check them out.

tea and yarn
Courtney xx

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  1. Your photos are gorgeous. Aren't you enjoying Megan's challenge. I am.

    What lens do you shoot your close ups with? Macro?


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