Wednesday, August 26, 2009

a little crafty getaway.

I've finally settled down after a whirlwind time away on a crafty get away! I had the honour to attend my very first spinning camp.

It was one of the best times of my life. To be surrounded by so much wisdom, to just sit and stare at all the beautiful spinning wheels, and at the women who effortlessly spin beautiful yarns. My darling friend Lisa and I had fantastic few days together just being ourselves, crafty mummas who know how to have a great time! We laughed so hard our throats hurt, we knitted spun did stupid things everything a good camp should have!

I spent a night teaching miss lisa to crochet, something she vowed she would never be able to do, and now she is crocheting granny squares at the speed of light!

I watched the lovely Amanda knit socks, not once but like 3 times! shes got crazy dedication that woman, but very talanted.
I was lucky enough to get some really useful advice from one of the more advanced mature spinners, who made the spinning lightbulb finally come on! and look, I can spin really well!

I watched in awe as one of the lovely Armidale girls said she couldnt really spin all that well as she sits there quietly spinning something beyond beautiful thin and even.

it was the little things that I tried to capture.
There were trade tables and although Im completely sold out, Lisa had her delightful wares up for sale! And she did a roaring trade. Who wouldnt want to take some of her goodies home.
and to leave you with one of my favourite photos of the camp, watching lisa spin is pretty mesmerising but I dont tell her that, she might get a big head hehe.

Tomorrow Im off to Armidale to crash their Stitch and Bitch! two hours of laughing and knitting, oh and alot of yarn winding for me .
tea and yarn
Courtney xx


  1. Awww, what a great post! Love these photos. See you at stitch n bitch!!

  2. xxxxxxxx - head is embiggening as i type xxxx

  3. SO glad you're getting out there and enjoying yourself with some fellow sisters of spin. really happy for you, darling.


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