Monday, January 11, 2010

a nook

setting up in my new house was a little delayed, but ever so slow it is taking shape. My little pinboard in the corner, soon to be swimming in new things...

My delightful Christmas present from my husband this year, made me smile and jump like a little girl, he did everything right last year. Ocheck Designs Journal, and love stamp set, completely adored by me.

As part of my christmas present my dear mum bought me a spot in the Suzi Blu Les Petit Academy!
(image by suzi Blue)
I am enrolled in a course called 'Goddess and the Poet' a beautiful course in learning the art of drawing beautiful faces, learning to colour them, and delightful poetry. here is my first attempt I am getting better with each face, but I am enjoying my time so so much.
now its time I got ready to go to work, and spend the day wishing I was at home in my artbox drawing the hours away
xx Courtney.


  1. argh! darn blogger, can't see half your photos! The ones I can see are gorgeous though! :)

  2. What a fantastic gift from your mum!!! Love your sketch. :)

  3. yeah !! more bloggity !!! i love you xxxx PS loving your suzi blu drawing skillz !!!

  4. yaaaaaaayyy to art fun!

    love your sketch. i think our sketches should date.



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