Tuesday, April 13, 2010

a little bit of 50mm

I got myself a new lens last week, and I am utterly in love! 50mm fixed cannon lens is the best thing since sliced bread so I've had my camera permanently attached to my hands since then. The Weekend flew by this week with my delightful tea party! Photos to come of all the delights of that event! There have been a few changes in the nook lately, one was turning my craft room into a toy room, yes you read that right, i gave up my space! for the love of my kids.

But the sun room has been turned into my little room of pretty things...below is the old teddy holder of the kids, turned into a peg line sort of, of all my favourite things.

My two bambinos attacking miss Lisa's million dollar cookies. They loved sitting on the grass with us crazy flamenco gang girls. It was delighful to just drink tea, knit and laugh till my sides hurt. I adore these girls, every single one of them.

I will be blogging much more now, I had made myself a routine so expect posts every other day
xx Courtney


  1. awe <3 you xxxx

    was delightful spending some time with you on the weekend, we shoudl do it more often xxx

  2. we must do it far more often than we do! thankyou for having us, and thankyou for tea!


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