Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Creative Space

As winter knocks on the door, you feel pulled to the knitting, crocheting and other yarn related hobbies more than ever, and for me this is no different, i collected up my solid balls of wool and started yet another thing! but this isnt small squares of colour this is just ongoing growing

meet my new WIP...a crochet blanket thats slowly getting bigger each night when I pick it up and do a few rows, I want something colourful for the lounge room so Im creating a rainbow to smile at.

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its nice to have my lense back! it broke two weeks ago and I've felt empty without it! it arrived today well about 20 mins ago, so to celebrate Im creative spacing!
xx Courtney


  1. Such beautiful colours!

    My lens is covered in cornflour residue, not a good look :(

  2. It's gorgeous! I really need to get the hang of crochet ;) xx

  3. Your blog is so pretty, you make me want to craft all day! And you were so lucky to find that Lewis Carroll book - my goodness, it wasn't even expensive! Wendy xx


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