Thursday, October 7, 2010

Creative Space Thursday - Day Seven!

Well I've made it a week in and feeling strong! Its rather quiet in my nook today, my little biddies are at kindy, so I've just relaxed a little, not even creating that much! which is a bit sad, but what can I say I'm enjoying the quiet.

Ive been working on my journal, and with that, flicking through my photo album to see what should make the cut into the pages of my journal and what is just a little too random to go in there lol.
Looking at my photo now, seems I have a foot fetish! alas thats not the case hehe. Ive sat here poised with my paper and pencils..just waiting for my muse to whisper what I should be doing in my ear.
so far, miss Muse hasnt said a word...but that is ok with this moment in my life, a blank page doesnt make me want to makes me excited.
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enjoy your thursday guys!
see you tomorrow
xx C


  1. Went to a workshop today on Inspiration and Breakthroughs....quiet is the place to be !!

  2. whisper, whisper, whisper........

  3. I find a blank page fun too..tomorrow it could be filled with drawings you could never have imagined would be there today! sounds cheesey I know but I really mean it!


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