Sunday, October 31, 2010

Viva La Day 30!!!! Puppet Master

Today was DIY day at the house of Raven, where anything was possible and creatures were set to come alive.
After trolling late at night looking for ideas for the kids, I came across a random little website Enchanted Learning something as simple as a paper bag, could become something much much more.

we created..crazy frogs! to begin with!
If your going far out, this is hardcore, let me assure you its not.
You will need the following...and keep in mind..I have a crafty house, so circle punches and assorted cardstock and patterned paper is like having milk and bread in the house..a must have.
but you deffinately dont need them!
you'll need, assorted sized circles, in all different papers, and cards, I cut more black and white circles than anything else...oh and pink! for noses hehe

Align CenterPens! sharpie are my fave brand and I have all tips and thicknesses!
circle punches all varing sizes, this helps u with eyes, noses, spots, ears very handy!
of course, PAPER BAGS! any old lunch bags will work, u fold the sides down a bit to make a face very simple and glue it down.
and last but not least..assorted cardstock, glue and scissors.
eli's bear of a gift for a faraway friend.
and of course, I got in on the action, cant have diy craft day without me jumping in and getting all playschool. I busted out a racoon. His name is Mapache, hes got a big heart and safe beautiful eyes.

enjoy the last day of blogtober! and totally make some puppets! Kept eli happy for at least an hour! and in kid time..thats a small lifetime hehe

xx Courtney

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