Friday, October 15, 2010

Witchy Poo : Day 15

after yesterdays post of my sketch, I sat down with my supplies, talking with friends, laughing with closer friends...while I worked silently she came alive. I loved every moment of giving her a soul, it was almost like magic watching her go from just a sketch to this vibrant beautiful artwork..I'm rather proud of myself...Ive found something that speaks to me during the quiet moments when its just me and my supplies. To think, I hadnt reached for a pencil or a sketch book for a many years, in the way that I grab for it now. My fire is back...and I love it.

Today I pack up my supplies, my sewing machine and my knitting bag and go on a mini adventure to 'the dale' aka Armidale lol, to visit my soul sisters for some much needed TLC.
I will be blogging on site in Armidale for the next two days!

Enjoy your friday, create something with a splash of colour, its very refreshing.
xx Courtney

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