Tuesday, November 16, 2010

a kid free morning....

today's been a slow relaxing stress free morning, I had no kids, and a hair appointment. photos of that later on in the post..after my hair apointment, I wandered down the street, into The Dust Jacket the little bookstore in town, that wins my heart everytime I step into it. Its quirky and has little nooks of wonder every which way you turn...I didnt walk out empty handed.

a few of my goodies that came home with me below...a little softie for a man who stole my heart...a beautiful vintage paris Bookmark...and the classic The Wind and the Willows

Yesterday was a good mail day for me! posting my other mail in a post tomorrow so I have something else cute to blog about! but this little gift came from my highschool besty..well not just highschool..but we met there...and I adore her. She recently went to China...and bought me back these two amazing gifts..the notebook is by far the hottest thing in the world.
after getting my hair cut and coloured...I went hair hotness shopping, I bought some crazy big bows, also got a custom made black satin ribbon bow with a black bambi button in the centre, we all know how I heart my deer hehe. And this simple yet beautiful flower.

its very cute...and very me, dead straight at the moment, we will see how it behaves after tomorrow when its washed. Im sure the curl will kick in but thats ok. Im very pleased, its a deep purple that seeps down into my black that I cant shift without a bottle of bleach.
enjoy your afternoon, Im going to sit in the craft room and work on some Christmas gifts, since there isnt much time left at all! when you handmake things...time is vastly diminishing.
xx Courtney

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  1. LOVE that hair cut!! So gorgeous. You look amazing. Ps glad you like the presents. :):)


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