Saturday, November 20, 2010

((A Saturday from my couch))

Another Weekend creeps upon you like a mouse in a house. They creep...they peak..they pass.
Its one of those lazy days where not much happens, the hours just kind of melt away, as you wait for dusk then night to engulf you. With a quiet moment to myself as my little ones rest, I capture the things going through my head....

'gosh thats a lot of fibre I need to spin, then I need to ply it and start another lot of spinning!'

'I heart him wanting to see my on my birthday even if it is just two days...its *sigh* lovely.
*pauses* these buttons really are cute!'
'I really need to get more frames, I have all these knitting prints and none in frames, note two opshop for cute frames!'
'so much little time....'
A Saturday well spent in my mind I think hehe, enjoy your afternoon
xox Courtney

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