Sunday, December 12, 2010

a little get away

Ive just gotten back to my little grey house, after a weekend away to Armidale. I dropped the little ones off at my sisters and skipped off to help my darling friend Tara May with a wedding, I was her second shooter, a little nerve racking but a fantastic experience. I popped in my stay back lense, and tried to capture the little things, that if I was getting married would want captured...more a feeling than anything else.

after the wedding, the next day the WTF girls and I jumped into emilys car and road tripped it to spotlight to get a few odds and ends. I was very restrained, I think I enjoyed my company more than the store today. Its always a breath of fresh air being around my girls, they heal the unseen cracks with laughter and silly. I was gifted something truly beautiful today by my sweetheart friend Ellie..something I had wanted for a while, but had forgotten about.

a love heart teacup! when I unwrapped it, I squeeled like a little kid, and instinctivly put the kettle to make myself a love tea. Now Im back in my little CLEAN craftroom finishing things for xmas gifts and humming to myself as I away the arrival of the man that makes me smile.

enjoy your evening
xx Courtney


  1. You did a fantastic job at the wedding :) I knew you would!


  2. No-one tells me about Tamworth roadtrips :P
    I so could have finally met you all.. (and shouted a coffee for you all!)
    Oh well... next time!


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