Saturday, December 18, 2010

the whispering Wisp

A weekend full of colour and finishing, and crazy handy crafting for xmas. I, as many crafters have gotten WAY over my head in the handmade gifts this year, I'm taking a moment, to stare are pretty yarn, and to block something that needed blocking months ago!

an Emerald Wisp...

made for myself, and finished for myself, many nights of giggling and knitting went into this shawl, the pattern half ignored half followed as I fell in love, on more levels than one.

my shoulders shall be covered nicely in this yummy delight I made for me...well for me to wear, for him to admire.

a week to xmas, I need it to come and I can be in his arms.

like the movie 'Going the Distance' ''Im so very tired of missing you.''
xx Courtney


  1. The shawl turned out beautiful. So funny you should mention that movie "going the distance" I just watched it yesterday and loved it.

  2. oh wow, it turned out so beautiful! I can't wait to see it xx


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