Monday, August 1, 2011

works in progress!

Today the sun was out, the warmth was beautiful and the colour palette was absolutely endless! I set the little ones up with a craft box filled with goodies while I sat at the bigger table in the sunlight and started the day with some art.

I started working in my art journal, working over and old letter, getting those last few pages done before the book is finished. A little butterfly girl, with bright orange hair hehe. I rather like her and she only came to life when I put the white highlights in her eyes...its almost like artistic magic what a few highlights can do.
as I mentioned yesterday, this month of august is going to be 2 canvases a week! A way to jump out of our journals and onto I started layering today with my first canvas. No idea where it will take me..but that's the beauty right? I was stuck staring at its stark whiteness, when my dear girlfriend Lisa, told me to put some pink on it...and with her little nudge I started.

I'm excited to see what journey this piece takes me on! its all about the process with the canvases that's what I'm telling myself..I'm letting the work tell me what to do, and not the other way around.

and to top my day off...a new installment of my copic marker club arrived! yummmy colours, good day I think good day indeed!

Pop over to Her Library Adventures for the beginning of Journal might see me there....
have a beautiful Monday my dears
x Courtney

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