Friday, September 23, 2011

The Artful Journey - day 23 ..the Dreamed journal

So I'm exhausted, I've sat down after a big day of packing and more packing and my eyes and my body say no more of I'm listening. The other day Christy linked a video on her facebook profile, and it struck a much so I've watched the youtube vid more times than I'd like to say...its inspiring. So even though I may not have arted as is still in my day..very much so..if only i could snapshop what gets created in my mind when I have other things to do!

so sit back, and enjoy a Dreamed Journal...because they are stunning...

I'm off to bed to wait for my man to walk through the door at like 1am...
xx Courtney

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Thanks so much for the lovely comments! it makes my day to know that Im not babbling to myself!
Ink and Love