Monday, September 26, 2011

The Artful Journey - drawing, drawing drawing.

I spent the morning out and about alone today. Was a lovely change, I walked around slowly, got a few things bought for a swap partner, bought myself a moleskine sketchbook just to do some paper comparisons...bought my sister a gift before I leave on the weekend.

and I had lunch alone for the first time in a very long time, while I ate...I arted. Working on the last page in my journal, before I can go on, once this journal is finished, it's off to the library for a display cabinet of my work. (kind of surreal lol)

here is where I'm at with the spread.
I sat at my sister's adding inky flowers while we chatted, we are having dinner there tonight, as a good bye dinner, although I know she doesn't want it labelled like that... I'll miss her, I hope she knows that.

so I'm getting my blog in early, so that when I come home I can work more on the canvas, small bursts of art on that thing, sitting on the floor is hard! I'm no spring chicken now! hehe

see you tomorrow with more art! the countdown is on!!!
xx Courtney.

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