Friday, October 14, 2011

mail and and journal art.

not much going on in the little raven house today, I did however start a small arty kinda letter for my sister back in Inverell, some drawings photos that kinda thing, need to get it finished and into the mailbox tomorrow.

and in the art journal, just a quick girl I created while waiting for john to come hom from work.

copics and distress stains to make her. I need to change it up tomorrow with that I draw, keep it fresh, part of the reason why I'm making a inspiration journal, to keep inspired to make new art, instead of drawing the same things over and over again.

that's all from me, take care I'll see you tomorrow
we are taking the teacup humans to see the smurfs tomorrow at the movies...their first movie experience lets see if I come back in one piece!!

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  1. I am so inspired by the many mail art creations that I see floating around the blogosphere. I will have to try my hand at some soon! I'm a bit daunted though...but art is all about learning new things, right? :D


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