Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the Junk journal evolution

I've become a little obsessed! so much so that I haven't drawn a single thing, which I have to rectify that tonight, but my junk daily journal has been such a calming moment in my life. Where I can see my images actually going down and becoming a whole new thing!
here is a peek at a few of the pages I've worked on the past week.

they hold images of my food from each day, my kids, my art, simple things. The things that make up my day, no matter how mundane they are.

my Friday, consisted of our trip to Inverell that afternoon, the packing, the kids the traffic... when photos dont all fit, I just lay them over one another so you can just flick through them all.

spending Saturday with family, my sister all dolled up to go out for the night, pics of her and her daughter, a letter from her (we write letters to eachother). Like I said, its very simple but it means so much to me. Each night I sit down with my pile of photographs my washii tape and a pile of journal tags and glue and put together the day.
if the idea of an art journal scares you, why not dive in and make yourself a junk journal.
they are simple divine in their own right.
xx Courtney


  1. Wow, you sister is just as beautiful as you are. I love how you make simple and mundane look glamorous and interesting!

  2. Oh Courtney, your journal is coming along beautifully. I finished my 3rd signature in my book and am starting the 4th today.


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