Sunday, November 27, 2011

a mood Board.

we are off and running in my new class with Jane Davenport, I heart Drawing. The homework for this week was to create a mood board with looks that we would want in a 'collection' so I sat for a while and thought about it, found a few images online to recreate with my copic markers and started my collection 'Pleased to Meet You'

a little rose tinted, popping reds some vintage blues. Tights, cardigans and 50's dresses. I must admit I had such fun putting this together, and creating the actual drawing was so different to anything I've done but I've fallen in love with drawing them!

my sketchbook for this course, is a 1970 Singer Sewing book, its nice and big so there's room to work in, the pages are sturdy so it's holding up to the art, all in all I think this book will look amazing once I've finished altering it.
so that's where I've been! My darling boyfriend told me last night it had been a while since I blogged so after I finished the mood board I snapped some photos late last night to blog this morning.

I hope your weekend is passing by just nicely.
take care, I'll post some more art in a few days.
x Courtney


  1. Courtney, This looks absolutely amazing. I would definitely wear those dresses and tights.

  2. I agree with Sherryann this mood board is beautiful and I too would wear these items. Especially those tights with the white dots. Love those.

  3. Love that little Mucha down in the corner. My bathroom when I was growing up had Mucha wallpaper from floor to ceiling. I will miss those beautiful girls when that house is sold.

  4. Seriously cute Courtney - looking forward to watching you progress through this course - Love Sonya


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