Wednesday, May 2, 2012

JOINING IN! 29 Faces in May

I need a pick me up, something to get excited about, and I saw this on Gulfspire's Blog and thought I'd join her! 29 faces in may, shouldn't be too bad I got two completed just yesterday!
 I think I can give this a good go! anyone else want it pop on over and join in, leave your blog in my comments so I can have a bit of a looksie at your lovely drawings!
xx Courtney

Face for the first of may (since its the second here)
and I did tell you I got two finished didn't I...
well here she is
enjoy your afternoon and do join me, I love looking at your art! 
guess you'll see daily posts from me for the month of may!
xxx Courtney


  1. Love your faces! Your journal girls inspire me! Would love to do this challenge too but I have never colored my faces........just pencil drawings! I think part of me is afraid I will mess it up! Lol we shall see! Although I cannot post on my blog until this weekend when I get my computer back! Thanks for sharing your art!

  2. I'm joining you in the 29 faces challenge! Love your faces and art journals...very inspiring!

    My blog is

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful art!

    Chrystie xx

  3. Your girls are gorgeous and the journal in your header is fantastic! My faces will probably be simple, but it should be fun to practice drawing them! Have fun!

  4. Oh Courtney... your faces are AWESOME... love the book paper background... magical art...

    Jenny x

  5. I love these faces … they are so thoughtful and beautiful too.

  6. Beautiful!!! I love the colors, so bright!

  7. Love your style.
    I am finally getting to a few more blogs but the days are not long enough. LOL
    Have fun....


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