Tuesday, June 19, 2012

oh where oh where have I been!

It's been a little while since my last post, and I am well aware of that! but where oh where have I been! I took a little adventure... one of my first alone in sydney and let me tell you..it was amazing.

I took a train...

and walked across the beautiful Sydney harbor to get to the entertainment center.

and I by chance, I fell into working alongside the lovely Jane Davenport. I helped Jane and her lovely hubby who had a bad back, so I stepped in, and what an experience it was! talking about art, and supplies, inspiring women at the craft and sewing show...it was some of the best times I've had in a long time....who wouldn't enjoy working amongst this!
 surrounded by beautiful artwork...
 working with a woman that has changed my life in many ways.

but dont fret, in my absence I have been arting, I haven't slacked off, my journal was on display with jane's at the show, but when I got her back into my hands, I opened her up and got lost in the pages again...here is some of my work from the last few days
catching up on some of my index cards, working on homework as a re take the I heart drawing class, to work out my issues with bodies and hands...

working on collages...to paint over

and finally being happy with a body shape!

and after having my peerless watercolours for over 6 months, I thought it was time I put them to use!

so while I've been gone...what have you been up to?
post your link in the comments I'd love to visit your blogs and see what you have been up to the last week! one of my favourite past times is blog hopping, with a bit of an art perve.

take care my lovelies
xx Courtney


  1. I have been living day to dat with bits of creativity throughout,I miss my painting adventures and really must try harder,the only time off is filled with family dramas and the necessicites that keep a roof over our heads,however i love visiting what youve been doing!!

  2. It has been hot here in south carolina, usa. i have been busyn trying to keep the kids cool and occupied where ever i go i bring my sketch book. but i did get the urge to sign up for creatuve every day and created some nice pieces. this week has been so busy with kids birthday parties but i stay up those few extra hours to create and am soo much better for it. i just have a better day. love the stuff you hve been doing. and i cant believe you got to work with jane davenport....drooooool.....

  3. How fun for you, Courtney. I'm sure Angus and Jane appreciated your help.

  4. I loved looking through your solo adventure in Sydney. And I love Jane Davenport's art. I think she is amazing.

  5. Hey
    oh where oh where have I been!
    A clear informative post, thanks! I have enjoyed this contribution, Thank you again for writing

  6. Looks like you have been having fun. Good on you. I am finally getting into my blog in a much bigger more consistant way. My online children's store is getting there. heading OS to source manufacturers in October so should be ready for sale in November. My graphic design agency is going really well as well. Scored two big jobs jsut this week already and it is only Tuesday, you can check that out too if you like. www.frescocreative.com.au

    Take care

  7. Love your style, Courtney! The trip and art inspiration and conversation must have been amazing. I need to get better at blogging (and arting) more regularly myself, but I definitely enjoy the visits here!

  8. I just discovered your blog today and I love it. I'm working through a similar process with my art right now - lot of playing in and creating art journals (mainly with a fairy tale twist right now) although I took my own little adventure on the weekend to build a sand sculpture (http://craftchick.wordpress.com/2012/07/03/this-is-how-you-weekend/). Thank you for sharing your adventure...and it's fabulous you got to hang out with Jane - I love her work.


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