Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Days are cluttered with colour!

I know I know, I've had emails and messages..where am I! I've been off making notes and pulling myself together before a huge blog overhaul. A little revamp is always needed before spring. A more creative lifestyle is my intended goal...

whilst working out my layouts..I've started making notes for daily posts, what would you like to see on the blog? Reader input is very highly valued over here in the nook, so if there is something you want to see covered..or talked about tell. There will be a few tweaks to the nook..a little plus size fashion, some DIY home stuff, more art than you can poke a stick at, and more videos.
stayed tuned.
I have a dear friend who just had a birthday, and whist I went shopping several times to buy her a bunch of cute one of a kind things that I thought she would love..I came up short...very short. So I started making her a journal, we are both avid journal keepers, me more the messy kind lol, but lovers to the full of the paper collecting I started putting the pages together for a journal that will be nothing like what she has in her collection...a real one of a kind book for her to carry around. I sewed...

and I created artworks to be scattered through out the journal...and much more..I can't show too much as she reads my blog! (or at least I think she does lol) 

While I was on the journal making kick, I also started one for myself, just to get the practice in, trying out different ways of binding, different types of signatures, this one is an old book I've had for a while, starting to collage things to the cover, a photograph I love, a post it note from a letter, stickers...small parts of my life. I also used a cute fabric from my quilting stash to wrap the spine in, to give it a little colour pop. I have one signature left to put into the book, and then she will be finished...underneath the book is me practicing my smiles in the new addition Ink week to Supplies Me workshop with Jane, It's been a while since I'd opened my art journal, so I let jane put me to work in it again...

another colour love of mine at the bright coloured tights!!! I went on a search for tights for big girls, being an artist, I like to dress with a certain BOOM of colour...and these tights well they certainly make a girl feel happy. Over at We Love Colors they have a big girls tight range in a rainbow of colours... I have the teal and the BRIGHT yellow..I cant get enough of them, I hope to purchase many more colours in the future.

I hope I've brought you up to speed with whats been going on..there will be changes coming! I just have to work on the design features of the blog, which takes time while running a family! 
do  comment below if there are things you'd like me to talk about, or ideas for regular post features! I do love hearing what you do and don't want to read from me!

x Courtney


  1. Hi Courtney,
    I too am an avid art journaler, and have done all of Janes classes LOVE LOVE. I too am a big girl and wonered if you will be selling the clothes you will be making as I would be intested. I will look into the tights and wondered if you can add anymore online shops you know. My options here in Murray Bridge is Taking Shape and Virtue, but would love to expand my range. your journals are so funny as they are so close to my way of journaling. and I have just found your Vid on Youtube and then have come here.
    Sweet dreams to you.
    Natty . Yesterday beieve it or not I did a page on my courful life.

  2. Hey, girl. I would love to see more art videos. I saw a few of them on Youtube and loved em'. I also love your style so the fashion posts would be so cool. I am just glad to hear that we will be seeing more of ya. I've missed seeing your posts. Your my inspiration. <3
    Jennifer Riehl (one of your Facebook friends).

  3. Courtney ~ I've really enjoyed seeing your style emerge & bloom forth! I've found that seeing Jane's classes through your eyes & art was a wonderful, beautiful introduction...yes, her Supplies Me class was, indeed, for me,! Just love that you share your art journey....

    I very much enjoy your art journaling posts...your quilts/sewing...& your's all inspiring...nourishing & joy~filled eye candy! I look forward to your new journey ahead... ~H♥~

  4. I just found you through twitter and had to check out your blog! I love it! I will definitely be coming back often! :)

  5. This looks both juicy and awesome! Love the colors and the intensity of it all. Glad I found you through Art Geeks.

  6. I've just discovered your blog through the delightful blog directory and look forward to seeing more of your creations!!


  7. Courtney,
    You are definitely creative and have got some great things to share. Would you ever consider guest blogging for ? We are always trying to empower people and perhaps you can share with others about ways you get your creativity flowing. Email me if you're interested. Thanks! Christy


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