Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 11 Blogtober - Storms Coming.

There is a big storm coming, so I best make this short and quick! Last thing I need is the macbook to die one me!
while waiting for the little man to finish school, I take my black pen and my eclectic at journal and start building the pages, one thing at a time.
 my desk the day of filming last thursday...I forgot I even took this photo! 
our little garden is growing! It's so exciting.
and part three of the series I started with the art geeks, just incase you didnt catch it.

xx Courtney

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  1. I really LOVED this so much but Ive missed the last 1/4 on 2 & 3 as even the phs dropping out now, lol. I dont have enough speed & only 5 gb a month as Im satellite in the bush, to watch & lately its not really speeding up at the beginning of the new month, pfft. Which is why I try the phone but what i did see was AMAZING! & I LOVED the happy accident, AWESOME. This page ROCKS so much. Now to try doing one like this myself & remembering what you did, LOVL Thanks so much for the inspiration xo


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