Thursday, December 6, 2012

Merry Elfmas!!

Well!!!! after a beautiful email from a reader, she was worried that I suddenly stopped blogging back in October. And yes, it is true, after the move we were offline for about two weeks, then things just got hectic.

Before we knew it, it was time to get on a plane and fly to Brisbane, and watch two of my nearest and dearest friends get married.
the boy and I got all dressed up to party the night away with them, was such a stunning wedding and my darling girlfriend looked like a princess. We got back to sydney, kept unpacking (since we still have things to unpack and my poor studio is a chaotic mess)
One thing I did embark on was December while my mum was still here, (she was our babysitter for the weekend wedding getaway) she helped me put together my book as I wasnt smart enough to pre order the beautiful kit by Ali Edwards. 
Aswell as keeping up with the december daily, my family started a new tradition this year, I thought since we have brought traditions into our faimly from both sides - his and mine, I thought we should start creating some of our own. So we bought on the sly - The Elf on the Shelf. She arrived a few days before the first of december, so mum and I gave her a little make over with a cute skirt and a knitted scarf.
I have been taking notes, and pinning ideas, to get us through the 24 days, having the elf do crazy things to make my little teacup humans giddy every morning. It takes a little effort but it is so worth it, the kids lose their minds in the morning, when they find out what Ellie the Elf has done.
On day one...the boy and I set up the dining room with all our christmas things, tablecloth, plates, decorations, u name it, as a welcome elf breakfast, we had pancakes and strawberries, and the kids got some elf treats.
she came with a book, which we read to the little ones, and John and I also bought a key, so that she can always get into the house after her flight to the north pole every night.
Ellie has been caught...hanging decorations...and getting stuck

taking joy rides on the deer decorations
and evening inviting Rudolf over to play!

 all while I've been capturing it down in my December daily...

I still have some tricks up my sleeve...and I will make sure to take the time to blog about them, so that you guys can see the crazy fun this little house is having in the lead up to chrstimas!
Because we think...
Enjoy your Thursday!
xoxo Love Courtney


  1. I love the elf! Such a brilliant idea. I feel like I need to come up with something similar now. Thanks for the inspiration!

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