Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fighting the Black Dog - How I do it.

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If you have been a reader for a long time, you know that I live my day to day life with an illness. I battle Depression day after day, and currently I am fighting it with no medication...just my diet and exercise and my art...but there are a few things that I do, each day to arm myself with enough happiness to get through another day.

Depression is a sucky illness, it can make your day go from 10 to 0 in a matter of seconds, it sucks us down into a hole which we try to claw our way out of over and over. I was diagnosed just after having eli, it started as post natal depression and then evolved into full blown depression. I've been on medication for years, and its only been the last year and a bit that I decided to try something different. What I was doing wasn't working...I was still stuck in the hole...and I wasn't making any headway trying to claw my way out.

so here are a few things I do in my day to day life, that helps me deal with the black dog.

1.Take each Day as it comes, living in the moment helps you put blinkers on so your're not getting lost in the things that are going on around can focus on just now..just this moment...and live it to its fullest.

2. Surround yourself with Light! - As kooky as this sounds, Sunlight is a natural mood lifter. Our moods and emotions are so in sync with how a day looks visually. I try and get up and open the curtains and windows. Every morning letting the light in is a simple way to make a day seem lighter and more uplifting, easier to deal with.

3. Give yourself permission to wear bright shoes! - This may seem silly...but honestly this is one of my go to things when I feel those emotions starting to creep in. Get yourself a pair of shoes that make you smile. I put on a flowy bright skirt and really bright shoes and walk into my day with colour!

4. Take some time out of your day, to walk in the sunlight. We need a little Vitamin D, yes you can get it in a pill form..but nothing beats taking a few moments to soak in some sunlight....I get some of my best ideas sitting on my back porch with my journal just daydreaming...we need that time to sit still and just soak up the rays of sunlight...close your eyes and look towards to should see rainbow colours within  your eyelids...its beautiful. I need sunlight like I need air most days.

5. Feed your body With Love - In our current society, our food doesn't resemble food anymore...we are putting things into our bodies that is doing more harm then good! With additives and preservatives and colourings and sooo much hidden sugar...these are all factors in our moods...whether we like it or not! When we feed our body with junk and bad food, our mood reflects that food...and believe me, I did not understand this step..till I lived it. I went Paleo,  I eat whole foods, nothing processed, no sugars, as natural as I can get! and the lift in my general demeanor was very evident. When I moved house, we had a heap of takeaway because hard to do paleo while you move..and you could see the shift in mood! I felt heavy and sad, frustrated angry! (not just because I was moving) after we'd eaten, I felt so disgusting. So if there is one thing you do to fight depression...let it be this step, its a life changer.

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6. Take some time out of your day, to do some exercise, it may be small, it may be huge...but do it. I was and still am a hater of working out, but I do it, because I feel better after I've done it. I work out 6 days a week, for 45mins to an hour a day. Its part of my wellness plan, I know its good for me, I know it helps me keep above water.

It's not rocket science, and I know they may seem like huge steps...but I promise you, try them out for a has taken me years to get to this stage, but I do it everyday, to fight the darkness. 
I hope this post has helped you in some way shape or form..and please if you want to talk to someone shoot me a email, I am a good listener - 

Have a lovely Thursday.

xx Courtney


  1. This is fabulous advice, Courtney! A great article on fighting depression. ox

  2. Great advice. I also found, when I can which is certainly not always, that going out of my way to help someone else is good therapy.

  3. Wow, thank you for sharing something so personal. I have suffered from depression for short bursts but I know others who struggle with it long term. Depression is still taboo in many ways which is crazy considering how common it is! When people like you speak out it means a few more myths are dispelled. I love your advice as taking care of youself is vital for wellbeing xxxx

  4. Beautiful x

    One of my things to do each day is read you blog, it reminds me why we are friends and bring beauty into my world x


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