Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Inspiration Tuesday - Illustration Obsession.

Lately I've been drawn into the lovely world of illustration side of pintrest, finding kooky creatures, and whimsy laden words I've gotten lost in the lovelieness of it all. I need to start filling my walls with prints of these artworks...I need a wall devoted to it in my house...let me take you away...

If i can track down the original artist, I link back otherwise all images found via pintrest.

This beautiful soft sad little character stole my heart. I adore her...and the fact that she is on a bookpage makes her most lovely.

 a little tree character to make you smile! I see her walking through the forest making sure all the trees are happy, her leaves shaking when she laughs. so simple and yet so emotive.

from the amazing mind of Nathaniel Mather This is so cute! I saw it and had to include it in my picks for today's inspiration!
a girlfriend of mine loves boats, so I saw this and thought of her...traveling the ocean and the stars by boat..what better way to do some traveling.

I'll be back tomorrow with an I do Wedding Wednesday Post..and also will be posting some of my work I'm working on in the Mermaid Circus post..I didn't get Friday pages done as I was at my sickest with this cold thats holding on for dear life! so more art to come, I promise.

I hope you enjoyed a step into my world...and my love for illustration.
x Courtney


  1. I just love the first one. So sweet and lovely.
    Liefs, Melanie

  2. These are so great! thank you for sharing


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