Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I Do Wednesday - Save The Dates.

At the moment I am currently lost amongst the save the dates! ours is a long way off being even made or thought of, but there are some really CUTE ones swimming about pintrest! Here are some that have caught my eye...and inspiring the look and feel of our own save the dates

the artist in me loves the little modern silhouetted figures and the text, this was definitely a fave.

this was a collection I found on pintrest, that made me smile, I think the photographic way is the way Im leaning, but I change my mind on a whim, I love the ground posing ones the best...they have made me smile every time I see them done!

This one set my heart a flutter, getting their save the dates printed onto vintage hankies! so so beautiful, would be a huge task to accomplish, but what a beautiful whimsy touch this one was. I could only dream of doing something that sweet and unique.

pop ups!!! who doesn't love a little old fashioned pop up, this was adorable! loved the vintage feel to it.

and last on my list...some beautiful little character drawings, this almost had me trying to draw john and in character form!
so many creative and wonderful ideas!
I shall have to sit and think about it, now my mind is bursting with ideas!
have a Beautiful Wednesday
xx Courtney

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