Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Inspiration Tuesday - Handbound beautiful

There is something magical about a hand bound book, it has a soul, it whispers...it beckons you to flick through its pages...I am an avid believer in keeping journals, and to add to that passion, is to keep handmade journals.
Mary Ann Moss over at Dispatch from LA, is a woman who makes some of the most unique and beautiful handbound journals I've seen to Date.
they just look so loved, and so filled with life and memories. I have taken two classes from her on bookbinding and I adored every second of both classes.

another beautiful book binder, is the adorable Pam Garrison
who also sings to my journal keeping soul, with fabric and vintage flowers, pops of colour and a lot of handbound beautifulness.
so magical, it makes me want to go into my studio and just start making books, so I can spend the rest of my years, filling them with memories and photosgraphs.
 One last book binder who I adore, she is so down to earth and such a genius when it comes to making handbound books is Jenniebellie 

if you have never bound a book, I suggest you immerse yourself in these women's blogs and fall head over heels in love with them. I will be spending my weekend this weekend, folding pages, and creating books for myself, and my little girl, as I know she will love a book bound by mummy

enjoy your evening...make a hot drink and go blog hopping.
xx Courtney


  1. How serendipitous! Just yesterday I was enquiring about a bookbinding class at my local art store :)

  2. hold on...In recognise some of these ;) that was a lovely surprise to be having a catch up on your blogs and suddenly see some of my books =D thanks so much for featuring them my dear xoxo


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