Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Things that are beautiful

My week has been beautiful, here is why...

small balls of yarn for my blanket from a beautiful lady on Ravelry. They are so neatly packed in they will stay this way till I choose a ball to knit a square.

An old book I bought on the weekend and I adore every singe word on the pages. This book inspires.
The Delightful Besty Sophie of mine has taken it upon herself to make my days shine with snail mail. These letters
float into my letterbox everyday, they are the higlight of the entire day for me I appreciate every single one of them.
taking the time to make my own writing paper, something custom done for my letters. Its a small part of my day but I just really love it.

enjoy the beautiful things in life, for once I am.
tea and yarn
Courtney xox


  1. just a little more peace in my day reading your blog

  2. You Make my heart sing when I read this my little chick. I am over the moon that you are once again enjoying the beautiful things in life.
    I love you.

  3. No wonder you have had such a beautiful week. I love the box of yarn, I'd be scared to touch it.

  4. Gorgeous yarn & one of my favourite stories..ever! I watched a version of it on tv when I was young & fell in love with it! I must read the book. I've just been very distracted though by the comment from your made me cry a little! x

  5. I love snail mail too & that box of yarn just looks divine! :)

  6. What a gift! Love the colours of the wool, just gorgeous.


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