Thursday, March 12, 2009

Creative Space! a little of this alittle of that

Thursday again, blink and it shall be next week! my little nook is a hype of activity! with yarn club in full swing, it seems that all my hands are doing is dyeing! (they are stained red with green fingernails, nniiicee combo hey lol)  so my space is cluttered with dye pots, half full, half empty not even opened yet, and a whole lot of undyed yarn waiting to be thrown into the cauldron of colour!
On the knitting front, Im doing some mindless stuff, but still cute, making little facewashers to sell at the markets, from soft, lovely cotton. The make great little gifts for friends and baby shower presents! Im making several for that very reason!
On the writing front, I have a new penpal, and she is just delightful. What more could a knitter want than a knitting penpal! with sheepy paper and all! Im working on her letter as we speak, with collages and cuteness, I think the art of letter writing needs some love! 
and just for wheel...told you I was a spinner hehe
thats me for another thursday! if you want to check out more of the creative ladies spaces check out Kootoyoo's blog! 
Tea and Yarn lovelies


  1. Ooo yay! Its *my* letter and art! Yayyayay!

    I looooove your wheel! And your undyed yarn stash! (I'm all out! Not a single skein!!! Ordering more next week though!)

    Happy Thursday (its still Wednesday here of course).

  2. I couldn't agree more about letter writing. I have two penpals and I love that they give me good reason to take a break and sit down with paper and pen for a change.

  3. Hi Courtney, thanks so much for stopping by..there is so much I love on your blog...your work is amazing, I can't wait to see your hexes...I love your vintage dress, it's just adorable..I am just addicted to crochet at the moment, I thought I was a sewer, but now I am starting to wonder...Okay, I'm ranting, but inspiring work has that affect on me ...I'm going now..See you back here soon, Tam xo

  4. I love the colours of the face washer, just gorgeous!!

  5. I think I would just like to curl up for a nap in all that lovely wool, looks very soft and inviting! And I totally put my hand up for a face washer!
    Love Bumble x

  6. This post has definitely got my creative juices going! Such lovely pics - very inspiring : )!

  7. I got excited and thought all of those little tubs were icecream! I guess that wool dyeing is pretty happening too though ;)

  8. LOVE your CS, every week.



  9. your creative space looks wonderful and i love that your writing a letter! it's a dyeing (hehe!) art and i think more of us should try and do it

    i'd love to seesome pictureofyarn being actually dyed sometime.. it sounds fascinating!
    linda x :)

  10. stay tuned I was going to do a picture tute on dyeing wool very very soon my dear!

  11. Oh you are a busy and productive lady!
    Well done on you!
    I agree completely about the art of letter writing!
    I've no penpals to write to any longer :(
    Most I use to write to, only use their computers.
    I long for 'mail art'. Letters filled with lovey chatter and wee bits of random art.
    I miss sending envelopes doodled upon, filled with wee treasures.
    Oh, how I long for that, once again.

    Oh, and all that wool to be dyed!
    And spinning.
    Too bad we have a great wide pacific ocean between us, or I'd be popping round with puddings and tea for a creative visit!
    I drop spindle spin...but to have a wheel, oh I'm green with envy!
    (probably like those hands of your)
    Hee hee

    What exactly is a "yarn club"?
    I'm not understanding this.
    Bairbre Aine

  12. Hey lovely lady,
    Just gave you the unique and chic award over on my bloggy! :)

  13. i admire you for getting your hands stained to make such gorgeously coloured wool :)
    that's a very sweet looking letter too.

  14. After staying up WAY too late stitching, I faced the day groggy and grouchy--then I found YOU via HerLibrAdventures and have had a lovely time exploring your world! Wonderful work you do, and a really fun read. I feel fortified to go stitch up the place! victoria

  15. The undyed yarn looks beautiful too.


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