Tuesday, April 22, 2008

the final goodness

After many hours of photoshopping and hubby codeing, being paid with cups of tea, my blog is finally finished! I am absolutely in love with it, and feel right at home in the pink randomness of notepaper and adoreable kitch drawings by the lovely Non-Dairy Diary without her amazing little drawings on her site, this layout and blog wouldnt exist.

Ive spent the rest of my day fixing and colouring drawing and inking into my moleskine...getting it ready for its little journey to Mildura where my bestfriend will inhabit it for a week! Although this isnt till June, I have alot of work ahead of me to make it just right for her eyes. I shall post more recent pictures from my moley when I have some, but for now here is a little teaser of old pages
I think I'll curl up with my knitting next to the heater with a cup of tea..I will be trying to post every day in this cute little corner of mine, as it deserves my full attention and love.
Love and Light

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