Saturday, April 26, 2008

a little update

What a busy couple of days Ive had! with a spur of the moment trip to brisbane to have a check up on little lillies heart it was all systems go! The outcome of the roadie is that our little girl will have a pacemaker to keep her heart beating like ours..normally. She will be fine I know she will be, shes healthy in every other way just a little broken thats all.

I have been sat inside my mind the last few days just taking it all in, getting lost in my thoughts and wishing I had an answer for it all! but I dont so I will put our lives back together bit by bit. I am the puzzel queen!

Over the last week, hubby and I have been making our own bread by hand!! tough task but oh so much fun! took a few goes and a few tweaks to recipes but we got it in the end, its so satisfying getting it out of the oven and going I made that from scratch!

Marvel at the wonder that is our own creation!! I'll post our little recipe up tomorrow when I can find it! totally try it, its so satisfying.

My little guy is growing up so fast in front of my eyes, its unbelieveable how much more in tune he is with everything now, I love watching him discover new things and just be blown away with out smart he is!
I couldnt live without this little chocolate face! He inspires me to rediscover the world for the first time just like he does everyday...

just us being dorks, but I love it, its hard getting everyone to smile! thanks mr eli with the help me my parents are mental look lol, but I love the pic no less!

and my fave pic of all time is this one...
i love my boys.

thats all I can muster at this moment, but I will be posting tomorrow with some more museing and a few of my fave nooks to read..enjoy your day with a pot of tea and a sunflower in a vase.

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