Friday, July 4, 2008

colourfuls days

Its been a little while since ive posted, I think with my bestie being forever away at the moment, being busy in brissy I've been a bit blah! how tragic is that, every morning I turn on my computer to get a buzz of offline messages from her, and I just miss being able to go out and do stuff like that!!

Today was filled with colourful photos of my very mundane life, this my version of a day on the town lol cept i didnt leave the house!
My day starts with standing on several bits of non other than megablocks lol, the lovely eli likes to leave them EVERYWHERE, although its cute when he makes a 'car' and brrrrrrrrrrs it around the lounge like hes driving! my fave noise from him, is his car noise hehe.

after reading through my emails, forums, blogs and all the rest, I ask paul for a cup of tea lol where Im giving the not on your life grin

eli runs around like a nut for most of the day, entertaining himself, and my usually! our mission for the day was to RESCUE the dinosaur!!!

makes me smile for some reason lol, eli likes to put cars in there usually but today steggi as we like to call him was givin his marching orders from eli!

While the little man slept, I took some time on the couch with the heater and a cup of tea to work on my latest WIP a crocheted cardican for lily from 8ply hand dyed merino wool. This project is based on the theme 'lollies' for my forum knit/crochet off! its been a nice boost of my imagination to work to a far its like this lol..

happy with how it looks so far, hoping im doing the pattern right! but ill have to keep going with it and fingers crossed by the time Im done, lily will have a sweet little cardi hand dyed and hand made by her mumma.

after dinner I sat down to work on our silly shopping list, hate this part but it needs to be done to keep under budget

and yes I was starving and our supplies are sooo low Im eating carrots lol. and now i sit here uplodaing photos sleepily in my pjs....
thats me done!
toldya boring as hell, but nice and colourful heheh
night xx

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