Monday, August 4, 2008

working away

Its been a while since I've updated as my bestfriend keeps reminding me! but when shes spying on my flickr account its hard to want to post stuff shes already seen!!! *glares at her* hehe

So Ive been working away on lily's wardrobe, dyeing wool, and making her little clothes, 5 weeks to go, so Im hoping that I can get at least 5 more items made for her, the first item I made for her was for my baby forum's knit off, the theme was lollies, so I made her a strawberries and cream inspired cardi, all the wool was hand dyed by me, and then I crocheted it up, looks devine, but Im biased!

Its my pride and joy in her stash of clothes, I also participated in a nappy swap, where we are to make things for a person and get something lovely and handmade in return, I knitted a pair of longies for a little 2 year old girl, which I forgot to take shots of! but in the mail was these little pair of crocheted pants for lily! they are just devine, they are also hand painted and the colours are beautiful!

I cant to see what they look like on my little unbore goddess!
I still have 100grams of wool that I've dyed up for lily, thats screaming to be made into something beautiful and handmade, its just finding what to make!! I could made her some long pants, like those ones, or another little dress, botties mittens and a beanie, the ideas are endless! Ill find something perfect but in the mean time, here is the wool, 'lilys spring garden'

Ive been toiling away on lilys blanket, bit by bit, at night when Im not working on something else for her! Ill load more progress shots of that, since the first ones I took were only when I first started it, and its grown a bit in its time! Its made from random balls of wool Ive had for a few months to a few years!! crazy that I've been hoarding wool for that long, but I like the way its coming together!

Lastly, I was toiling away for the last two days, finishing the base last night at 11pm, with some help from hubby drawing me pattern pieces as I was starting to see double, I finished a little angel wing pinafore dress, in a dusty pink that paul picked for lily, I made a little felt embellishment for the corner, as I wasnt too happy with how it looked, Im shopping for ribbons and buttons to complete the look, I will make her a few of these in cotton for the warmer months I think, as it worked up fast and looks cute!
thats all from me! will start something with lilys garden today most likely!

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  1. i love that vintage dress its gorgeous you have so much talent in so many areas


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