Sunday, August 24, 2008

my last few days!

I didnt do it mum, daddy did lol

Its been a big few days! I've worn myself out almost every night tired and seriously pregnant!
I've been knitting away in my couch potato mode! I knitted my little lily a shrug for over onsies when its a little cool, I adore it so much Im almost finished the second one in cotton. It took me a while to figure out how to pick up stiches but I worked it out!

speaking of lily, after my lovely baby shower yesterday I got home and set her little corner up in our room with all the lovely things we were given, I was spoilt rotten especially by my sister, she went above and beyond! She said you've bought me things all my life now I have the chance to buy for you...

she bought me a beautiful nappy bag I had eyed off in the store, I was going to come back for it when we got the baby bonus, but to my shock when I opened my gifts it was there all packed with what I needed, love my sister...

its a Vintage colours chocolate brown and pinks, its just stunning, and expensive! she also bought me a breastfeeding pillow, clothes for lily, went halves with mum in the stunning cot set i picked and the thing that touched me the most, was ash and I when we were younger we got these signet rings from mum and dad one xmas and we loved them to bits...ashes little girl got one at her shower and i was like aw thats adorable I'll get Lily one so they can match like we did...she bought lily one with the same stone as mine and got LB engraved into it, got all teary when iIopened the little note inside my card. (the ring is still being engraved so I dont have it yet lol) but aww hallmark moment for me!

This is Lily's little corner in our room, she will have her own room when we move, but for now shes got a girly corner.

My men are so adorable when Im not looking, I came into the lounge room last night after a shower to find my men doing this, every knitting womans perfect photo

hes knitting lily another little cardi in a purple wool, I love that he knits, I'll always say it, he cant quite understand crochet yet but hes learning slowly!

I had a bit emotional purge last night, breaking down into tears, sobbing my heart out basically, it was a long time coming and it felt good, for once crying felt worth it...after alot of arguing and alot of me hyperventalating Paul and I finally worked out our messy marriage, Id been holding things back and just stewing on them I let it all out, flood gates down and I held nothing back, we said alot of hurtful things, angry moments do that to you I guess, but after it was all out in the open, we talked like we hadnt talked in years, and it was so refreshing,

I decided then and there, that I want my marriage to work, I want to be happily married, I want to be a better wife, and he a better husband. I got up this morning and started cleaning, let paul sleep took care of master eli and just cleaned, when paul got up he helped me, I was slow lol but Im the side of the house! mum and dad came over and helped us tidy up the backyard since the last tennants made a mess of it, its all raked and tidy, just need a little table and two chairs so we can have weekend breakfasts out there and eli can run around.

I am a firm believer in the whole clean house feels so different, there is a positive energy that comes with it, Paul and I kept saying how good it felt, I think this is the first day of our new lives, now we just need to keep it up, keep trying hard for eachother and make everyday count.

and on that note...I shall have a shower get my knitting and sit down.

much love Courtney xxx

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