Sunday, November 23, 2008

my sister surprised me

I opened my email tonight to find something that struck me to the core, I sister wrote me an email
i slip into the inks, vibrant fantasy.
when my life started it was but a rough sketch, yet now its a canvas of bright colours.
my world is a garden of brilliance, broken down into the arts of the goddess, expressing myself like a lady of the devine.
i enter my world...i am the creator the giver of life.
opening my bag, butterflies of passion and talent flutter out and cover my silk skies.
creating an artistic oasis.
for art is my life, it flows thick and fast through my veins.
my brain operates through sketches and photographs i am a walking work in progress.
the goddess has blessed me with the gift of creative expression.

dearest court,
i just thought u needed a reminder of what your all about and what u once wrote. slip back into your oasis and become the stunning butterfly that i know u are. and your children will
live and blossom with you.

love ash.

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